Jerseys Coming Soon!

We have lined up 3 Jerseys that are coming soon. Below we will talk a little about each so you can know what to expect from us next. Keep in mind not all jerseys we plan on releasing will be on this list. For some jerseys we like to keep it a surprise so when it is announced via our social media our followers will be first to know about them so if you wanna know guaranteed when new jerseys and products in general are gonna come out follow us on Instagram @gkjerseys 


Without any more waiting heres the 3 jerseys we've lined up to be coming soon


Mock-up of our Premier 1 Training Jersey

  1. Premier 1 Training Jersey (image above): This stylish black and white jersey will be great to wear during training or while having a fun short sided game with some friends this jersey has a design that isn't like most goalkeeper jerseys, that being it's black and white and doesn't include any bright colors so that's why it's a training jersey and not a match one. Features include raglan sleeves to allow you full range of motion and materials chosen to keep you cool and to mimic a more game like jersey. This isn't as durable as our game jerseys, however it's made to last none the less due to the fact it's a training jersey and slightly less durable then our match jerseys this will be sold at a decreased price of $29.99 but don't be fooled this jersey is definitely worth more but we know since it's labeled as a training jersey it won't sell at our normal price we sell jerseys at so we got you covered with the cheaper pricing.  
  2. Air Flow 1 Match Jersey: This unique design gets its name and design from the concept of wind flowing through the air. The Air Flow 1 color way will be the great mix of Orange and Navy so while wearing this jersey you will look good while feeling good. This jersey also includes raglan sleeves to give all goalkeepers a great range of motion. One unique feature to this specific jersey is the sides will have mesh up to the sleeves that is 3 inches wide allowing air to flow through keeping you cool during hot games. This will be one of the first of our jerseys to join our summer collection so once it's released purchase it quickly so you'll have a summer specific jersey to wear!
  3. Dual Split 1 Match Jersey: Two colors separate down the middle of this jersey on one side is one color while the other is another color that mixes perfectly. Great for any weather, not specific towards winter or summer, it works great in both!