Products Under Development

Below is a list of potential products we are gonna sell. Currently they're under development so their is no guarantee that they will for sure be for sale in the future, but it shows we're testing these products out and are taking the proper steps to get the products to drop and become for sale to all of you goalkeepers.


Products below are ranked in terms of how soon they will apear with 1 being the closest to releasing and 5 being the farthest from releasing 


    1. Sleeveless Compression Undershirts - We are very close to getting these to drop. We have tested them out and have had promising results but the only issue we need to fix and are under the process of finding a solution is how to print the logo on properly we've tested different types but it has become clear that sublimation is the best way to print on these. We are in the process of implementing this change to print using sublimation which is much more durable and favorable compared to other printing types. Sublimation takes the design and prints it physically into the product making the design part of the fabric so this is why it's very long lasting and very favorable with these types of products.
    2. Different Types of Performance T-Shirts - Not much testing needs to be done with very well known and simple products like t-shirts so it's just a matter of time until these apear on our store very soon. We plan to add multiple different materials and linings to provide the best shirts for your needs. These will be great during training or just to wear while working out or going about your everyday life. 
    3. Full ZIp Warmup Jackets - We haven't yet gotten any test Jackets so these are a while away but we are for sure going to make sure we do these properly we want these to be the best they can be. Don't worry though these are high on our to do list so updates should be sent soon regarding these Full Zip Warmup Jackets. 
    4. Pullover Hoodies - Great to wear off the field any times during Fall, Winter, or Spring. These are being developed with different people in mind: first we will use materials that work extremely well in the outdoors, so no matter rain, wind, or anything that's thrown at these they will be naturally water repellant and easy to clean along with moisture wicking so any water or sweat that gets into the fabric will be pulled to the surface where it can much better evaporate keeping you much dryer than basic hoodies that are made up of largely cotton which is soft but it's not durable and it just soaks in water and sweat not letting it evaporate keeping your clothes damp instead of dry like will be with our Performance Outdoor Hoodies. On our second type of hoodie we will make the materials will allow for a blend that works much better for sports. Whether these are worn during training or just to go hangout with teammates these will be sweat wicking keeping you dry and more stretchable than the outdoor hoodies so they won't be fazed by some stretch or even a tough slide tackle outside the box these are perfect for sports and these are also water repellant so water won't easily enter the fabric from the outside in the form of rain so no matter the conditions our Performance Sport Hoodies will have the best characteristics of any hoodies giving you the best possible hoodie imaginable. These are far from going for sale but don't worry we are under the process of mapping out the process to get the designing, development, and testing done quickly on these so they'll be for sale sooner rather than later!
    5. Winter Coats - With winter right around the corner we want to make sure you have whats needed to stay warm before, during, and after your games. We plan to make these very warm and very high quality like we do with all of our products but we haven't even started designing these so these are far away and will likely not make it for this winter (2021-2022) but for the winters after these will be here and they'll be developed and made specifically to keep you warm in even the coldest weather along with being water resistan to make sure rain and snow don't slow you down instead they'll slide right off and won't soak in keeping you not just warm but also dry!